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This is a list of applications students studying Software Engineering and related majors (Computer Science, Computer System Engineering) have written. This is either the result of an individual Honours project, or the Software Engineering Capstone Project, a paper Software Engineering students do in the second semester of their third and final year. For more information about these projects and the Software Engineering major, please contact me. I have also written a short guide How to Study Software Engineering at Massey you might find useful.

Jens Dietrich (Major Leader Software Engineering)

The Prime Game (2013)

The prime game is a simple mathematical multi player game. The twist is that it is not played by humans, but by bots. Bots are written in the browser in Java and compiled and executed on the server. Simple tournaments are also supported, users login in using their Google (Gmail) identities. Security considerations (in particular: preventing injection attacks) were a major challenge in this project.

This was Elliot Hathaway's BE Honours project, supervised by Jens Dietrich.

Tic Tac Toe with a Twist (2013)

This is web-based version of Tic Tac Toe (aka Naughts and Crosses). It has several twists: first, it is nested - the main game board consists of 9 small games. Secondly, users can write bots (in Java) to play for them. This was the Software Engineering Capstone (Team) Project in 2013, supervised by Jens Dietrich and Russell Johnson. There are three versions to choose from. To log in, use your Google and/or Facebook id.

Known limitation: MS Internet Explorer support was not a requirement. We recommend using a WebKit-based browser (Chrome,Safari) or Firefox.

team 1: Colin Campbell, Aaron Cole, Li Sui, Thomas Magson, Joseph Calkin, Siyan Li

Known limitation: the bot programming is not working in this version.
team 2: Max Dietrich, Luke Christiansen, Jesse Voight-White, Sarsha Jones, Ryan Murphy, Jason Rurunavira
team 3: William Kehayioff, Farhan Wali, Murray Lucas, Manaseh Togagi, Michael Jones, Sam Murrell

Known limitation: there are some unresolved issues when using google authentication with newer versions of Safari.

Scotland Yard (2011-12)

This is web-based version of popular Scotland Yard multi-player board game. This was the Software Engineering Capstone (Team) Project in 2011-12, supervised by Jens Dietrich and Russell Johnson. Note: the students have now all graduated, and these games are no longer maintained.

team 1: Max Annear-Henderson, Mike Debney, Luke Stanford, Conrad Orange, Anton Slooten

100 Companies (2011)

This is an infographic based on the late Sir Paul Callaghan's StrategyNZ keynote. This was not an "official" Massey project. However, Graham Jenson and Alex Gibson developed this while they studied Software Engineering here at Massey to participate in the annual Mix and Mash competition. Graham and Alex won the 1st prize in the competition in 2011.

Also have a look at some of the other submissions Graham and Alex made since: Graham's Mihimihi and Alex' What Happened.

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